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How to configure yahoo in MS Outlook

How to Use yahoo with outlook 2007 for free yes it is possible that you can use outlook with yahoo for free
Step 1: Download YPOPs
You need to download a small application called YPOPs. YPOPs is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. YPOPs acts as a gateway between Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Outlook. For those who opted for the new Yahoo Mail beta are good too to use this to access Yahoo! mail using Outlook. Download YPOPs from SourceForge.
You can download YPOPs fron here
Step 2: Install YPOPs.
When configuring YPOPs, while the default settings are pretty good, I like to customize them a bit.
* In Receiving Email, under download Email Category, I choose to select just Unread email to download so that I won’t download all the hundreds of emails I have.
* In Sending Email, I check Save email in Yahoo’s Sent Items Folder
* In Miscellaneous, it is good to check Automatically start YPOPs! when Windows starts so that you don’t have to worry about launching it everytime you launch Microsoft Outlook.
Step 3: Configure Microsoft Outlook to access Yahoo! Mail
* For Microsoft Outlook 2003, Go to Tools –> Email Accounts. Select Add a new email account. Click Next. Check POP3 and click on Next
* For Microsoft Outlook 2007, go to Tools –> Account Settings and under Email click New… Under Add a new Email Account select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. Then under Add new Email account, check Manually configure server settings or additional server types
* Type your name under Your Name
* Type in your Yahoo! Mail address under Email Address which is the full
* Under Incoming mail server (POP3) type in localhost. (If localhost does not work type in instead)
* Under Outgoing mail server (SMTP) type in localhost. (If localhost does not work type in instead)
* Under Username type in your Yahoo! Mail address. For example if your email address is, then type in priyeshpcs. Enter your Yahoo! Mail password and check remember the password
* Click More settings. Under Outgoing Server tab check My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication
* Click OK and then Next and then click Finish
That’s it now you can access yahoo mail through MS outlook
Top of Form
Yes one more thing we can do but it is only for outlook 2007 or below not 2010
go to control panel
then chose windows firewall
then go to advance then click on first setting and in services select the POP3 and SMPT
this will work
If still it doesnot work then plz visit

It will help you here i have tested and given every step that can help you in this
thanks for reading

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